Enjoy Being Single in 2018!

New Year and SingleThe holidays are definitely a time when being single can weigh on you the most. Those of us who are still searching for a relationship may experience stronger-than-usual feelings of sadness and loneliness. You can diminish these feelings by changing the way that you think about being single during these times and making plans for a single-friendly holiday.

One strategy for avoiding loneliness during the holidays is spending that time with close family and friends that make you feel valued and happy. A word to the wise- while this may work for some singles, it may backfire for others who anticipate being pinpointed with a barrage of questions about their love life. You might also feel that you would rather not be the odd one out in a room full of loving, well-established couples. While you shouldn’t let your relationship status establish a divide between yourself and your loved ones, it is okay to spend the holidays with others in the same boat if it makes you happier. Look for events that cater to singles, such as a local “singles mingle” event.

Choose to spend the new year focusing on completing yourself, instead of feeling incomplete. Focus on you. While this might be old, tired advice that you are tired of hearing, know that it only works if you do it. The most valuable advantage of being single is that you have more time to spend on you, and it is definitely okay to be selfish. Center your New Year’s resolution around an idea or goal that is important to you, something that accomplishing will make you happy. Celebrate your independence this holiday season by focusing on the most important person in your life: you!

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