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Three Ways Couples Can Have Fun Talking About Money

“What’s your net worth?”

Couples discussing financesIt’s the last question a person would dare ask on a first date, yet money issues are a top cause of failed relationships. While this magic number speaks volumes, net worth isn’t the only topic that couples need to talk about. Spending habits, income goals, and investment strategy are parts of a financial picture that influences compatibility and predicts relationship longevity.

Wouldn’t it be great to explore your partner’s financial habits and goals while strengthening your relationship? Upgrade your next date night with these fun ways to build fiscal responsibility together.

Vision Boarding

You could save money cutting coupons, or you could spend date night cutting out pictures of your wildest dreams. Vision boards are a creative way to start the conversation around goals and discuss ways to work towards your dreams together. Not only does this activity energize a couple around shared goals, it also gives them room to talk about ways to make these goals happen. Should you give up the cable subscription or work extra hours? Use your vision board as a reason to ask these sensitive money questions and partner around collective goals.

Couples Game Night

Don’t spend Friday night eating take-out and watching Law & Order reruns. Instead, invite a few couples over for a financial game night. Several board games increase financial literacy in a fun and engaging way including Cash Flow 101, The Game of Life, and Monopoly. Although we played many of these games as children, discussing your strategy with an adult mindset creates a learning opportunity for everyone in the room. Keep the dinner costs down by asking each couple to bring a dish to share.

Head to Head Challenge

What is it about competition that makes people work harder? Challenge your significant other to a contest that helps you make better financial decisions or reach your financial goals. For example, couples can race to save the most money over a six month period. The winner gets to take ten percent of the savings and decide how the couple will celebrate. Another good option is a no-spending challenge. The first person to spend money (excluding regular bills) has to submit to whatever penalty their honey has planned for them!

While money is still a taboo topic for many, couples should be comfortable discussing money and building their financial standing together. Use these proactive and fun ways to make money an open topic and strengthen your relationship.

5 Ways to Keep a Relationship Strong

Relationship StrongAt the beginning of every relationship is the honey moon stage. Everything is perfect. However over time this seems to fade and can sometime lead to arguments and break ups. Here are some tips on how to keep a relationship strong.

1) Texting – Remember when you used to text all the time at the beginning of the relationship? Since this isn’t realistic over a long period of time, texting often fades to the background. However sending a cute text in the middle of the day might be exactly what your relationship needs. It shows your significant other that you were thinking about them.

2) Plan a Surprise Date – This is like the secret weapon of strong relationship. Sometimes things can get dull when your dates just consist of nights at home together or going to the movies. Spicing it up shows how much you care and it doesn’t even have to break the bank. Just try something new together if you think your relationship could use a boost.

3) Make Time for Each Other – Sometimes this can be a #1 killer. Making time for one another is just respectful. Life is busy and sometimes things get put on the back burner but be sure to make time for your SO anyways. It shows how important they are, even when you are busy.

4) Gifts – Giving something is the warmest feeling, and¬†receiving a gift is even warmer when it comes from someone special. Leave a note on their car or make breakfast in bed for them. Buy them that one thing they won’t buy for themselves. It can be small or big but it shows you pay attention to what they like and or need.

5) Sex – Sometimes sex gets put on the back burner when kids come along or when life gets busy. Clear a night off your schedule, light some candles, or check in at a hotel and romance it up. Even if it’s just an old-fashioned make-out. Sometimes it can be that little boost you need to rekindle your relationship.

The key to maintaining a strong relationship is to show your partner that you care and think about them. Tell them you love them, give them a kiss, and plan some dates.

Start your marriage on the right foot: Why combining finances as a couple is so important

Starting your marriage off on the right foot1You just married the person of your dreams. You are so excited to start your life together! You are so excited to buy the home, and start the family. There’s just one thing you can’t bring your self to do yet. Combine your finances. You know that one of the biggest reasons couples fight is over money. Keeping your finances separate only makes it worse. But how does one get over that hurdle?

A good marriage is built on trust:

It can be tough sharing your money with someone else. The other person has a say in how your paycheck gets spent, and that can be very daunting. However, now you are accountable to someone else. Just like your spouse is accountable to you. You have to trust that your spouse is a responsible spender. If that is not the case a conversation needs to happen soon.

If makes the two of you discuss money:

This may not sound like the most fun of conversations, but it is an important one for a strong marriage. The two of you need to discuss your goals with your money. When do you want to retire? When do you want to buy a house? How much do we need to save up each month to put aside for a down payment? These questions need to be addressed by both of you.

It ensures there are no secrets:

Secrets in a marriage are so destructive. Combining finances helps to put everything out in the open, and eliminates financial secrets. If you combine finances early on in your marriage it helps nip issues in the bud. Gambling or retail therapy issues that need to be resolved. It is better to resolve them early on in the marriage than letting them fester.

One of the top reasons couples fight is money. Let us help you resolve,or prevent those money arguments from happening. Call us today for a quote.


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